Hey guys, my name is Joseph Hemphill. I started playing guitar when I was eight years old when my parents blessed me with a guitar for Christmas (you know those terrible starter guitars that have action like a Dobro…yup, that was it). I grew up playing bluegrass guitar and quickly became fascinated with how the different species of wood could cause an instrument to react differently than others. I began to research…research…research. By age 14, I knew how to build a guitar, I understood how they were made, but I hadn’t touched a piece of wood yet. I was a guitar nerd. My parents noticed my new found obsession with luthiery and bought me a Stewart-MacDonald guitar building kit. I built that first guitar with sandpaper and a screwdriver. That was about the extent of my tool collection as a 14 year old “luthier.” It was over. I was hooked by the entire process. Reading. Studying. Tinkering. Building.

In 2015, my wife and I started Hemphill Guitars when we realized that we wanted to make ourselves 100% available to the Lord. We needed something that we could do regardless of where the Lord took us in life. We wanted to be able to say “yes” to Him anywhere, anytime, and in any capacity. He never tells us it will be easy…but He does promise to always be with us.

This has been a wonderful journey and the Lord has blessed us beyond what we could ask. The love and support from family and friends has been amazing! You know who you are, and y’all are amazing! Thanks.

Nashville, Tennessee